CAN/CSA Z617-06 Personal Protective Equipment
for Blunt Trauma


In today's world, the law enforcement personnel responsible for managing civil disturbances are increasingly exposed to a diverse range of serious threats, while operating in a wide range of environments and situations. For correctional management, the threats and situations can even be more dangerous and more frequent for the personnel who work in these facilities. The potential threats in civil disturbance and correctional facilities management range from strikes or impacts from fist, feet, heavy objects, thrown objects, and blunt-force weapons as a result can cause serious injury or even death.

The Canadian government has recently established this new standard via the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) to assure end-users and industry both understand the reality of the dangers associated with Civil Disturbance and Correctional Facility Management and to help make a safer and more secure working environment for these personnel.

Impact Attenuation

The R4-E Blunt Trauma PPE complies with CSA Z617-06 Impact Attenuation (as confirmed by an Independent Facility) for the upper and lower body with specific protection levels and coverage for the shoulders, torso, chest, abdomen, back, spine, elbows, forearms, biceps, groin, hips/pelvis, thighs, knees, and shins areas.

A Canadian Standards Association technical committee comprised of recognized specialists have deemed that CSA Z617-06 Impact Attenuation is the minimum recommended blunt trauma protection necessary for the safety of police officers and correctional officers during crowd management, civil disturbances, cell extractions and other emergency response operations.

Stab/Spike Protection

The Mawashi R4-E has a standard feature comprising stab/spike protection front plates that cover from the groin up to the neck and a rear plate covering the lower to upper back region. These plates are multi-threat protection rated since they offer stab/spike protection in conjunction with blunt impact protection.

The level of stab/spike protection has been evaluated based on the test methodology in NIJ Standard 0115.00 Stab Resistance of Personal Body Armor for Threat Class Spike Level 1 by a qualified independent third party (Biokinetics and Associates Ltd., Ottawa, Ontario).

It is very important to note that the R4-E stab resistant plates will enhance and increase stab/spike protection for officers over and above the protection already present with their current stab resistant vest. Therefore officers wearing the R4-E will have a greater level of safety against stab threats and increased protection over vital areas of the body.