The new R4-E model was developed in accordance with the CSA-Z617. It was designed to protect against real life blunt trauma injuries while providing officers the complete mobility they need to get their job done.

The unique multiple-layer laminate system that all R4-E gear is made of acts to distribute and absorb high-impact strikes. Lightweight and body-contour moulded, R4-E gear is comfortable to wear even for long periods of time. An adjustable fastening system makes putting on or taking off R4-E gear quick and easy. All of these features and more are carefully engineered to provide the best anti-trauma body suit of its category.

Suit Materials

The Mawashi R4-E is comprised of an outer covering that is a durable Nylon woven fabric which protects the underlying impact protection materials and keeps them in proper position. The impact reduction materials include impact dampening specialty polymer foams and rigid or semi-rigid polymer / plastic plates. These materials are assembled in a proprietary manner which delivers optimal impact protection while supporting the important human factors & ergonomics aspects of the system.

For the region from the groin to neck and for the back there are stab/spike protection plates that are made of high-performance molded composite materials that resist spike penetration and also provide a very high level of blunt impact protection. The impact and stab protection materials are assembled within the tough outer covering and a robust inner lining. The inner lining is a durable Nylon woven fabric and it protects the overlying impact protection materials and keeps them in proper position within the system. For the legs and arms regions there is a durable Polyester/Nylon ventilation mesh integrated into the design to permit increased air flow in these areas.