Biomimicry or Biomimetics is the examination of nature, its models, systems, processes, and elements to emulate or take inspiration from in order to solve human problems. The term Biomimicry and Biomimetics come from the Greek words bios, meaning life, and mimesis, meaning to imitate.

In 1997 Mawashi began studying and applying Biomimicry to improve protection and performance for our technologies & systems, which are used in dangerous environments.

For us, Biomimicry involves studying the fundamental elements and actions of our planet and the life forms that inhabit it and then applying (“mimicking”) specific key aspects in order to solve protection and performance related problems. We find areas and aspects in nature with countless years of design optimization that can be transferred and applied to help create innovative solutions for current and future challenges.

We believe that many of today's challenges in providing lightweight, ergonomic, and protective apparel and equipment can be solved, either wholly or partly, by looking into the vast and phenomenal solutions present in nature. Nature's solutions to highly-complex situations are highly-optimized and often reach far beyond any which mankind has yet to realize.

Here are Mawashi’s previous Biomimicry investigations, which include the following bodies of knowledge:

Incident Energy Management

• Horns & skulls of horned animals
• Muscles & bones of the human body
• Woodpecker birds for impact & shock waves understanding
• Lightning, earthquakes, and tsunamis towards wave understanding
• Sound wave reception for dolphins, whales, human and animals

Heat Stress Management

• Thermoregulation of the human body and evaporative cooling
• Respiratory system of humans and animals
• Circulatory system of humans and animals
• Thermoregulation for fur-bearing mammals, and energy in motion
• The planets’ thermoregulation and polarity systems

High Mobility Exoskeletons

• Exoskeletons of arthropods (insects, arachnids, and crustaceans)

Load Carriage & Distribution

• Gravity & human bipedal locomotion
• Weight gain and load management in humans and animals
• Muscles & bones of the human body
• Load distribution and stabilization via the study of various plant life and ancient buildings

We study the planet's life forms that exist in air, water, and on land as well as the "actions" of the planet itself (e.g. lightning, wind, tides, light, etc.). This study comprises the following aspects on the macro and micro scales:

• Structures & Shapes
• Mechanisms
• Materials
• Behaviours
• Integrations
• Physics
• Thermoregulation
• Aerodynamics
• Hydrodynamics
• Electromagnetism

We are able to combine our scientific competencies in Biomimetics and Impact Management to deliver unparalleled ballistic and blunt-force protection products as well as protection from heat and other detrimental threats. By altering shapes, structures, and configurations of currently employed materials we arrive at significantly lower weight and higher protection solutions.

From our studies, our knowledge and our highly-developed powers of observation, analysis, as well as synthesis comes the cutting-edge and completely-unique solutions that assist us in creating apparel, equipment, and products like no others available anywhere in the world. Mawashi brings an added value to projects with Biomimicry, creativity, and intuition, which form together a synergy oriented towards success and fulfilment of the objectives.