The Mawashi R4-E Suit incorporates a range of additional features that greatly add to the wearer’s overall flexibility, functionality, comfort, and protection. These additional features are summarized as follows.

Donning & Doffing

The R4-E can readily and easily be donned (i.e. put on and adjusted properly) and doffed (i.e. removed) by a single officer on their own with a minimal number of steps and within a very short duration. The duration required for donning & doffing the R4-E will decrease substantially as officers become experienced with the system over a short period of time. In many cases for trained and experienced officers donning can occur in less than 120 seconds and doffing can occur in 30 seconds.

Sizing & Fit

The Mawashi R4-E offers optimal sizing & fit for the wearer. This system is readily and easily adjustable to accommodate the specific body shape and size of many different law enforcement / corrections officers. In addition the R4-E has a unisex design which readily accommodates female officers and provides a comfortable design with a correct fit. It is available in three standard sizes (Size 1, Size 2, and Size 3) and each size addresses a very wide range of body shapes and sizes due to the highly ergonomic design and simple/easy adjustments integrated within the suit.

Emergency Suit Removal

The Mawashi R4-E allows for emergency removal of the system from an injured officer. The straps and fasteners of the system can easily be cut away, with a standard utility type knife, by other officers or attending medical personnel which will very quickly free the officer from their suit if needed.

Liquid Penetration Resistance

The R4-E Suit incorporates textile materials that are produced in a special manner which makes them resistant to the ingress of water, liquids, and other substances. These textile materials protect the underlying impact attenuation materials and these textile materials also aid in cleaning and decontamination when such procedures are required.


The R4-E can readily and easily be worn underneath the Mawashi Bloodborne Pathogen Resistant Coverall, Mawashi flame resistant coverall, and underneath standard types coveralls and be worn over standard uniforms and/or flame resistant full-length underwear. In addition the suit fully accommodates the wearing and use of other law enforcement / corrections officers’ apparel and equipment (e.g. stab protection soft armour vest, duty belt, hand-cuffs, etc.).