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"From Prototype to Market": Mawashi exhibits at the Canada Science and Technology Museum in Ottawa


Ottawa, Ontario, April 24, 2013 – Royal Galipeau, Member of Parliament for Ottawa–Orléans, on behalf of the Honourable Rona Ambrose, Minister of Public Works and Government Services and Minister for Status of Women, is pleased to announce the opening of an exhibit called "From Prototype to Market" in partnership with the Canada Science and Technology Museum (CSTM).

“Our Government’s top priority is the economy and we understand that helping Canadian businesses expand and succeed directly benefits Canadian workers and families by creating jobs and prosperity,” said Minister Ambrose. “By supporting innovation designed right here, we are helping bring these businesses one step closer in moving their innovations into domestic and international markets.”

“We are here today to showcase the successes of our Canadian Innovation Commercialization Program,” said Mr. Galipeau. “We know that by helping Canadian innovation, we are helping Canadian businesses expand and succeed, and create jobs, growth and prosperity.”

Wearable Equipment
Innovation for Extreme Environments

Many workers who function in extreme environments wear special equipment to keep them safe. The government requires the use of this equipment to protect workers from harm while they perform their duties.

Mawashi's innovations on display include the Advanced Personal Thermoregulation System and the Biomimicry-enhanced Kneepad inspired from the lobster tail. The Mawashi Advanced Personal Thermoregulation System is a portable device promoting the evacuation of heat and perspiration. The system is comprised of a pair of panels, configured to be mounted to the chest and back of an individual, to define a space between themselves and the human body. Each panel includes four fans, each configured to draw the air and water vapor circulating in the space between the panels and the human anatomy, and to direct it away from the body, effectively cooling the individual. Each panel also includes a thermoelectric module that offers additional body cooling or heating via conduction and convection.

From Prototype to Market
Canadian Government Supporting Innovation

Technological innovation can be a complicated and expensive process. Scientists, engineers and inventors often need support to transform a good idea into a marketable device or system.

The Government of Canada supports innovation through a number of programs in the research and development spectrum. The government has also added a new program in support of Canadian entrepreneurial spirit: the Canadian Innovation Commercialization Program (CICP) that buys pre-commercial innovations from Canadian companies and tests them within government operations.

From Prototype to Market is a bilingual exhibit in the museum’s Techno Zone (the CSTM’s new technology marketplace) that showcases leading-edge products being developed by Canadian innovators supported through the CICP. The exhibit aims to inspire Canadians of all generations to become more engaged with science and technology.

Canadian Innovation
Canadian People, Canadian Companies, and the Canadian Government Working Together

By buying pre-commercial innovations from Canadia companies developing new ideas, the Canadian Innovation Commercialization Program helps to bring new products and services into the marketplace. One day, you may benefit from the work of these companies.

Created by the Harper Government in 2010, the CICP helps businesses move their innovative products and services from the lab to the marketplace. Successful bidders see their pre commercialized innovative products and services tested within government departments and are given valuable feedback from users. The CICP is managed by Public Works and Government Services Canada’s Office of Small and Medium Enterprises, whose mandate is to improve access to government procurement opportunities for small and medium enterprises.