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Mawashi Science & Technology is a Canadian company located in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu (Quebec), at 25 minutes from Montreal, on the south shore. Our state-of-the-art facility obtained the Gold LEED certification (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design).

By employing over 20 years of direct experience in development and conception of Human Augmentation Systems (HAS), Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), Load-Carriage and Thermoregulation Systems and relying on extensive research, development, and design knowledge Mawashi has created revolutionary new solutions and made significant enhancements to existing products for soldiers and Special Operations Forces (SOF) operators.

Mawashi manufactures state-of-the-art products and we are dedicated to advancing the cutting-edge of science and technology, by developing innovative solutions for specialty-applications personnel.

Mawashi's team utilizes its expertise in Human Factors Engineering, Biomimicry, Impact Management, Load Carriage and its specializations in new product development, advanced apparel and equipment, novel materials, and systems integration to provide world leading products and solutions.


Design and Innovation Culture

Mawashi Science & Technology promotes the collaboration between its multidisciplinary workforce in order to create a symbiosis between Design, Engineering and Human Factors. Through brainstorming sessions where all employees' experiences are pooled together, Mawashi reaches an unprecedented level of innovation.

Mawashi's workspace are optimized to facilitate communication and collaboration between employees. The increase of interaction between Mawashi's personnel gives rise to unconventional, out-of-the-box and innovative concepts and ideas that make Mawashi a unique and outstanding company.


Core Ideology

Mawashi's Core Purpose is to:

  • Protect human life

  • Enhance human capabilities

  • Make technological contributions for the advancement and welfare of mankind

Mawashi's Core Values are:

  • Tip of the Spear: Leading-Edge Technological Innovation

  • Failure is Not an Option: Get the job done no matter what

  • Buy-In: Truthful belief in Project and Team Success

  • Creativity: Insight and Imagination

  • Passion: Dedication and Hard Work

  • Team Spirit: Empowerment, Communication and Collaboration



Mawashi's Multidisciplinary Team consists of experts coming from various domains, mainly:

  • Human Factors Engineering (HFE) (Kinesiologists, Ergonomists, Biomedical Engineers)

  • Multiphysics Engineering (Mechanical, Structural, Electrical, Mechatronics)

  • Industrial Design (ID) (Ideation, Computer-Assisted Design (CAD) and Prototyping)

The plurality and diversity of knowledge and experiences as well as the combination of each employee's personality result in a creative, out of the box thinking and productive workforce with an extraordinary innovation potential.



Mr. Alain L. (Al) Bujold
Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Mr. Bujold is a Human Factors and Ergonomics specialist with more than 20 years of experience in New Product Development (NPD) within the Defense and Security industries. Through observation, imagination and intuition he has developed the skills for finding new and better technologies by the use of Biomimicry.

Alain is a curious thinker who enjoys using pragmatic logic to create new innovative ideas. He has developed more than 115 Scientific Research & Experimental Development (SR&ED) projects in the Law Enforcement and Defense domains. His particular experience lies in human physiology and vulnerability, human factors & ergonomics, advanced materials and technologies, and impact management (blunt-trauma, stab, fragmentation, ballistic).

Mr. Bujold is completing a combined Master and Doctoral program where he focuses on the process of innovation and design within the Biomimicry field.


Mr. Jean-Marc (John) Sheitoyan, PMP, BDI, ADIQ 
Chief Strategy Officer (CSO)

Passionate about design, art, science and technology, Mr. Sheitoyan is a thoughtful and empathetic leader. Ingenious and resourceful, Jean-Marc anticipates obstacles and finds solutions to fulfill project objectives on time and on budget. Trilingual, he is a good communicator and a responsible manager who performs very well under pressure. Mr. Sheitoyan is attracted to organizations that rely on a culture of design, collaboration, innovation and sustainable development.

Attracted by applied arts with a curious and inventive mind, Jean-Marc obtains in 2006 a Bachelor's Degree in Industrial Design from University of Montreal. His final project in collaboration with the Canadian Red Cross consists in improving the military folding cot to better suit the needs of disaster victims in shelters. In 2015, Jean-Marc earns the Project Management Professional (PMP®) certification awarded by the Project Management Institute (PMI).

Using his imagination, intuition and can-do attitude, Mr. Sheitoyan has accomplished over 50 R&D projects with aggressive schedules and limited budgets. Jean-Marc has been driving Mawashi's Design Process to achieve a Human-Centered, Coherent, Intuitive, Streamlined, Elegant and Meaningful Design. He now orients the Strategic Innovation and Planning processes for the organization.


Mr. Benoit Lauzon, CPA, CMA
Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Mr. Lauzon has more than 18 years of experience as a controller, payroll department supervisor, manager and finance director either in the private sector or in public corporations. In addition, he has more than 15 years of experience in financiers’ relationship management and more than 18 years of experience with financial audit. Mr. Lauzon is quick to adapt and versatile and has extensive knowledge in individuals tax systems, payroll services, as well as legal and regulatory obligations for small and medium businesses.


History of Mawashi

Mawashi was founded in 1997 by Mr. Alain L. Bujold, subject matter expert in ergonomics and human factors. Since its foundation, more than 115 research and development projects were realized in the Defense, Law Enforcement, Correctional Services and the industrial sector. Notably, Mawashi worked in the past as a solution provider for several prime contractors, among which Raytheon, Rheinmetall, Sagem, Ultra Electronics TCS, CGI and DEW Engineering and Development. For more details about Mawashi's past projects see our Projects and Achievements section.

In 2014, Mawashi entered a new phase and reoriented its core activities towards Human Augmentation Systems. Effectively, Mawashi was selected by the Pentagon (US Department of Defense) to participate in an innovation contest on HAS, more specifically an exoskeleton for Special Operations Forces. This project gave rise to Mawashi's first functional exoskeleton prototype that later on served as a basis for our UPRISE™ Tactical Exoskeleton.