Augment Human Performance
and Reduce Musculoskeletal Injuries with Mawashi's Exoskeleton Technology

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Mawashi has mastered the art of New Product Development (NPD) and creates out-of-the-box and human-centered concepts and products through a combination of Multidisciplinary Engineering, Industrial Design, Human Factors and Biomimicry.

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Ultralight Passive Ruggedized Integrated Soldier Exoskeleton (UPRISE®): Using advanced ergonomics, enhanced loading capacity and high mobility, Mawashi’s Tactical Passive Exoskeleton provides a constant assistance to soldiers and SOF operators while increasing their efficiency when deployed in the field.

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Mawashi’s Core Purpose is to protect human life, enhance human capabilities and make technological contributions for the advancement and welfare of humanity. Our Core Values are: Insight, Imagination and Creativity; Buy-in, Dedication and Hard Work; Team Spirit, Communication and Collaboration.

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With over 115 Research and Development (R&D) projects accomplished with aggressive schedules and limited budgets, Mawashi is an expert in New Product Development and maximizes projects productivity through a smart use of the Concurrent Engineering process.

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Mawashi is affiliated to numerous organizations working in the Defense and Human Factors domains. Notably, Mawashi is a member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), the Canadian Association of Defence and Security Industries (CADSI), and is a core member of the Canadian Security Materials Technologies Roadmap initiative (SMTRM).

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