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General Service Respirator (GSR)
Client(s) :
AirBoss Defense

Development of the new Low Burden Mask (LBM) gas mask for the Canadian AirBoss Defense Company, to be used by the Armed Forces' general service (Army, Air Force and Navy). A thorough morphological study was carried out in collaboration with the client to determine the optimal design that can be used by most potential users.



This mask includes the following features and enhancements:

  • Compliance with standard NATO Chem Bio protection;

  • Enhanced protection against Toxic Industrial Materials (TIM);

  • Decreased breathing resistance;

  • Increased field of view and peripheral vision angles;

  • Accommodation of users wearing corrective lenses;

  • Improved interface of respirator with in-service communication devices;

  • Improved seal for facial beard;

  • Integration with protective clothing and in-service weapons;

  • Increased hydration capacity.