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Inner Liner Suspension System for Advanced Combat Helmet (ACH)
Client(s) :
US Army Program Executive Office (PEO) Soldier

Development of a combat helmet with an innovative approach using composite materials and foams in conjunction with a complex liner geometry based on a biomimetic principle of redirection and distribution of mechanical waves to distribute the shock wave through the helmet, and thus delocalizing the energy input of the projectile onto the helmet. In particular, the geometry was inspired by that of the ram's horns (complex helical shape) and also by the design of the hyoid bone.



  • Increased protection against traumatic brain injuries during ballistic impacts on the soldier's combat helmet that greatly exceeds US Army standards (maximum deceleration of 150 G accepted by the US Army for the type of impact analyzed);

  • Development of a helmet liner prototype with an average impact deceleration of 117 G for an impact of 14in/s;

  • Better comfort and improved thermal management compared to the current US Army helmet.