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T-RED Use-of-Force Training Suit

Military and Law Enforcement professionals must be able to perform use-of-force training (practices) in realistic environments. However, to avoid injuries during training, it is necessary to have equipment protecting them while maintaining a good freedom of movement. As rigid protective parts can block certain degrees of freedom (restrictions to movement), it is essential to optimize the ergonomics of the protective clothing in order to leave them a maximum of ease and range of motion.


The T-RED Training Suit offers one of the highest levels of protection for anti-trauma on the market. Lightweight, highly mobile and body-moulded, the T-RED stays comfortable even when worn for long periods with ergonomics adapted to human anatomy (revolutionary 2-part hinge system integrated with each moving gear element allowing a greater fluidity of movement). The suit is equipped with quick and adjustable fastening systems for easy donning and doffing. With its semi-hemispheric ball structure, reducing the contact area between the gear and the body improving air-flow, hence cooling the body core temperature


Also the helmet developed by Mawashi has the following characteristics:


  • Highest level of protection against blunt trauma;

  • Rigid, foam-covered shell for optimal protection of the skull, which also protects the attacker;

  • Facial grid covered with a ventilated knit to protect the face and facilitate breathing;

  • Curved visor that protects the eyes, with good visibility, a wide field of view and no fog;

  • Adjustable retention system that stabilizes the helmet during movements and impacts;

  • High head mobility without restriction of lateral and front-to-back movement;

  • Very comfortable and interchangeable interior padding for different head sizes.